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Origin:  Baltimore, MD


Genres:  Metal, Hard Rock


Years Active:  2001- 2012


Label:  Hard Volume Records


Website: Walk the Wreckage

Forwardhead was an original metal band formed in 2000 by Ron Turner (Guitar/Vocals), Craig Tambascio (Bass/Vocals) and Scott Tambascio (Drums). In 2001 the band released their debut album "Elevate" to critical acclaim. A few years later they released a second album entitled 'Inside" and their third and final full-length album "Pieces' was released on Hard Volume Records in 2007. Over the years there were a few line-up changes on drums and the band was fortunate to also record and perform with drummers Darren Wallach and Mike LaCola. For about a decade Forwardhead wrote and released original music, performing hundreds of shows at venues in Baltimore, New York, Philadelphia, Toronto, Boston, Washington D.C and others. The 'Pieces' singles Second Guess and Binary received regional commercial airplay in Baltimore and Washington D.C. as well as online and college radio airplay in the U.S., Great Britain, France and Holland. Forwardhead performed with luminary bands including Anthrax and Godsmack as well as underground acts like Bobaflex and Dog Fashion Disco. After 3 albums Forwardhead eventually morphed into the band Walk the Wreckage. Along with drummer Joe Harman, Ron and Craig continue to perform and release new music with Walk the Wreckage.

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